Bondlayer is a code-free technology that provides an innovative solution for graphic and web designers to visually create, publish and maintain fully custom native apps and responsive websites. It enables users to develop and explore a tailor made multi-device presence, delivering slick results and making the most effective use of budget and time.


Bondlayer was co-founded by Pedro Moreira da Silva, Rui Mascarenhas and Sérgio Oliveira. Between them, there is a long experience heavily linked with logic, mathematics, web design and management.


Co-Founder — Head of Product and Customer Development

Master in Marketing and post graduated in Cultural Heritage, Rui has been working in web and marketing for more than 25 years. He managed the creation of several web and mobile portals including early first browser and WAP portals, first 3G portals, Mobie TV apps, Mobile Music Stores, Web Music Label and dozens of other apps and websites, while working at companies as Vodafone, EMI Music, Optimus and AppGeneration. Rui has a strong understanding of logic, philosophy and mathematics and his deep knowledge of data models and information architecture has been the key ingredient building the Bondlayer technology.




Co-Founder — Head of Technology

He is the CTO and singlehandedly coded the majority of this tool. Sérgio started coding BASIC on a ZX Spectrum when he was 8 and, since then, has continued learning about programming and software engineering. He discovered his passion for the Web and built his first HTML website at the age of 12. He has developed more than 100 web and mobile applications for the past decade with clients ranging from SMEs to big corporations and telcos.

Moreira da Silva

Co-Founder — Head of Business Development

Pedro was Brand Director at NOS and led, as a customer, several projects related with web and media. He has an ample experience on the pains and gains of this market. He managed web teams for more than five years, gaining direct insight on problems and opportunities. Pedro has a strong background both academically (MBA with distinction at INSEAD) and professionally (15 years at Sonae with several marketing and business roles, two businesses launched and two years as director of a private fund).


Head of Design and UI/UX

He was responsible for the conception of the graphic user interface. João graduated on Communication and Info. Technologies at Un. Aveiro and has a master on Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship. He has more than ten years working in web design and UI/UX in different projects and companies.


Head of Communications

He holds a degree in Media and Cultural Studies and a Master in Media Studies – Cultural and Visual Communication. Prior to Bondlayer, he has worked with designers, architects, contemporary artists, cultural and commercial organisations. Over the past few years, he was the press and online manager at Doclisboa – International Film Festival, Alkantara Festival – International Festival of Performing Arts and more recently at Porto’s Municipal Theatre. He is focused on delivering slick campaigns that combine editorial prowess, website hits and social media interest


Bondlayer is fruit of intense questioning of core assumptions in programming paradigms from a genetic constructivist perspective related with Deleuze philosophy, an author normally quite ignored by the mainstream in computational sciences and philosophy of mathematics.

Bondlayer's approach to functional programming (and lambda calculus), event driven architecture and metaprogramming is not the result of ad hoc adoption of “programming approaches”. Instead it is fruit of a systematic implementation of the consequences derived from a critic to the inherent Platonism (as well as nominalism) that are at the core of the mainstream paradigms. The level of abstraction achieved, should in our view, be considered more than a simple DSL (Domain Specific Language) or even an “UG” (Universal Grammar), but what Deleuze and Guattari called an "abstract machine".

Praising univocity, rhizome, and double articulation, it enables us to avoid most of the logic issues that traditional databases implementation and "arborescent" informational architecture inevitably confront with.

This philosophical questioning (highly involved with issues in the Philosophy of Mathematics) provides a truly agnostic approach simultaneously to the data model as to the view model that other approaches are not able to achieve. Its implementation derived a cascade of innovative approaches from backend to front end, no matter the original source or the final target are.

Experience tell us this is the unique reason why other players cannot deliver what we are able to do with Bondlayer. Currently we can confidently say this is not only a theoretical claim but it is true (not falsified by experience) and quite real (materially expressing what it formally explains), serving actual high demanding clients in extreme use cases.

It works.

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Bondlayer is in beta, which means that is in a production-quality state (and we’re constantly improving it!).

Please send your thoughts our way; we want to gather as much feedback and experiences from users to ensure we are building the right thing.



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