Build a responsive website and native app for free, layout and content(CMS) updates are also free of charge.

Only pay if you want to publish layouts to custom domains.


set up and update website projects for free!



Publish layouts to subdomains

Full access to every Layout Builder feature

Unlimited layout and content(CMS) updates



Native Apps





Publish layouts to

Custom Domain

10 Gb of Storage and Max. 100.000 page views/month

2.000 CMS Entries

SSL security included

Publish layouts to subdomains

Publish to

App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android)

10 Gb of Storage and Max. 100.000 page views/month

2.000 CMS Entries

Publish layouts updates over the air

hosting for each custom domains + SSL/HTTPS add-on




core features for both plans

Unlimited CMS Publishing

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Languages

Custom fonts

Advanced Custom HTML & CSS Visual Editing

Advanced Custom CMS & Data Schema Editing

Drag & Drop Prebuilt Components

Styleguide & Symbols

3rd Party Sources

Filters & Sorts

Embedded Code Snippets

Site preview, staging & production modes

Native App Previewer

Daily backups

Advanced SEO

Google Analytics integration

Export HTML, CSS, Javascript, Json

Customer Support

You can try Bondlayer for free with unlimited access to all features of the Business plan.
No credit card information required. Free forever

prices above do not include tax.

Common questions from our clients:

Who will submit my native apps to the stores?

We will. After your project is finished you contact us. We will do a general check up and we will submit it for you.

Can I always update my content?

Yes, you can. You or your clients can always update your content using CMS, whether you’re publishing to a subdomain or to a custom domain as well as to your native app.

Why do I have to pay every year for hosting custom domains?

Hosting for custom domains is an extra paid cost per published project that must be renewed every year.

If the hosting custom domains plan is canceled what happens with my project?

It will be available under subdomains but not under the custom domain.

If I need a connection with an external API, can I do it?

We can do it for you with an extra cost. Just contact us.

If I need to embed a custom function, is it possible?

Yes, you can embed your own code (html/CSS and js). For example an iframe.

What is your refund policy?

Currently we are not able to offer a refund and we hope that this will not be necessary. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please contact us at any time.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Our support team is fully committed to help you at any time. Please, send us your questions:

contact/follow us for updates.

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