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Bondlayer is an all-in-one solution to develop and manage custom websites and mobile apps. The only one with important features like multi-language, custom breakpoints, real time filters, sort and pagination. Give it a try. It's free.

Develop production-ready websites without coding


Publish it under your HTTPS domain at Amazon AWS with a click or export it, page by page, or block by block.


Create, launch, change your website in seconds without developers intervention


Bondlayer has many exclusive features

hp - Custom Breakpoints

Full Breakpoint Control

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launch your next app or website. Then we can

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hp - Real Time Filters, Sorting & Pagination

Real Time Filters,Sorting & Pagination

Dynamic multifilter with multi-reference fields, sort, and search content. Let your audience combine different types of filters and, in apps, sort by price or distance. Also, enable automatic pagination when your lists get more than a certain number of items



hp -Multilingual & Accessibility

Multilingual& Accessibility

Add new languages as needed. Localize your layouts accordingly and manage all your content in one single CMS. Also, add markups and what is needed to make it accessible.



Clear Pricing Policy

Bondlayer offers free and paid plans. You can delvelop and release for free unde Bondlayer domain or pay only 5€ per year (yes, per year) to do it under your own domain. All our plans come with flat pricing so you can expect what you pay at the end of the month.

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webflow alternative

The only #nocode tool in the market where you can create multilingual native apps & websites and manage both from a single CMS.

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webflow alternative

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iOS and Android Binary
Multilingual CMS and Layout
Dynamic Pagination on-page
Dynamic Sort on-page
Real time on-page search
Geolocation features
Send Push Notifications
Automatic Image Resizing
CMS assets
Team Dashboard