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Make your team completely productive with our Platform.


Test, Test and Test More

Build an internal team of web designers and become autonomous from developers.

Create apps and websites in a short period of time.

Perfect SEO and Social Share

From page and site titles to open graph text and images, increase traffic to your website through SEO customization.

Seamless Integration

Add a new site inside your existing one using our backend transparent proxies.

Go Live With a Click

Forget about server configurations and maintenance – this is our end of the deal. 

Why Bondlayer - Marketing Teams

Optimize the Design Process

Build websites visually without coding and remove the gap between design and implementation stages. Become 100% autonomous, from conception to release and updates.

Test ideas with full interaction

No more potential ideas and solutions that will never see fruition. See the real animated digital presence, test transitions, and animations. What you see is what you get.

Collaborate with clients

Share your work-in-progress remotely with your team and clients in a staging environment. For native apps, use the Bondlayer Previewer.

Design with real content

Allow a collaborative workflow where Design and Content can be built simultaneously. If your design asks for new fields on your CMS, add them.

Why Bondlayer - Freelancers and Agencies

No code

Display your schedule the best way, enabling filters, sorts, cross-references between events, places, and artists or speakers.

Favorites and Alerts

Let users create a personal agenda. The app will give an alert before the event starts, even if offline.

Update app and website simultaneous

Get the same back office to manage both your website and your app even if each one has their own structure and features.

Send Push alerts

Send push alerts from the back office. It will help engage people as well as keep them informed of last-minute changes.

Why Bondlayer - 3 Festivals or Conferences

Publish and Manage app and sites

Designers can create beautiful and fully functional native apps and websites without having to know any code

Language is not an issue

Add as many languages as you need to your app and website without duplicates. If content or structure varies between each country, you can create different layouts displaying different content.

Present Places, Events and Profiles

Create the CMS you need to present content with all its singularities. Use geolocation to sort content by distance and let users add content to favorites.

Sell advertising and Send push alerts

Create pop-ups with images or videos. Engage your audience with push alerts that create awareness of what is new inside your app.

Why Bondlayer - 4 Exhibition or city Guides

The new kid on the block.

iOS and Android Binary
Multilingual CMS and Layout
Dynamic Pagination on-page
Dynamic Sort on-page
Real time on-page search
Geolocation features
Send Push Notifications
Automatic Image Resizing
CMS assets
Team Dashboard

Team Plan

Work on projects together in a collaborative,

shared dashboard, & explore all the benefits of

Bondlayer together.


*Minimum 2 people

Modules Library Across Projects

10% discount per Website Publication

Client Billing

White labeling

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Enterprise Plan

For the big teams out there. Mass production

taken to the next level with our shared dashboard

as you explore and collaborate effortlessly.

Custom pricing*

*Minimum 25 people

Modules Library Across Projects

10% discount per Website Publication

Client Billing

White labeling

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